And then I reconnected with the SI Leeds Team

SI LEEDSaward3

Actually, that’s a lie. It can hardly be called reconnecting when you talk/meet/tweet regularly anyway. A year ago, my short story collection won the SI Leeds Literary Prize. Since then, the six wonderful women on the short-list Jamillah, Stella, Harkiran, Fran and Winnie have met every couple of months for lunch – a definite, decided perk and unexpected outcome of the award. Last time we met – just last month – we talked about all things writing, and partners, kids, jobs, travelling, strange people you see on the tube, and more! Oh, did I mention writing? Yes, now that I think of it, we did talk about writing and how everyone is charging ahead with plans for writing and publishing. How exciting!

Since the award I’ve also seen the lovely Fiona Goh again, when Jamillah, Winnie and I went up to Bradford to deliver a writing workshop for Aspire-Igen a few months ago. And now, with the Harper Collins news to share, I’ve been chatting with them again on Twitter, and with the beautiful and fiercely talented Irenosen Okojie, the previous multi-talented winner Mahsuda Snaith, whose The Things We Thought We Knew has come out this year, and the folks at Peepal Tree Press.


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