I just read a wonderful debut

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A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to visit the offices of Harper Collins and meet their gorgeous, fun, talented editors. The meeting was memorable was a lot of different reasons, the biggest of which was that the team just blew my agent Samar and I away with their passion for books – but also for their courage in championing a new author (with one of those “diverse” names and faces that are so in debate in the publishing industry at the moment)!

Samar and I had a lovely chat with my brand new editor Charlotte Brabbin, and discussed the ins and outs of Frozen, sisters and funny books with the rest of the team – all with the backdrop of panoramic London singing a romance-and-concrete aria for us as we sipped our chai lattes (well, I did anyway, Samar was drinking a mocha latte.)

Best of all, there were beautiful books everywhere. I mean, everywhere. I got so many freebies that they had to give me a bag – that’s all I can say. In any case, in this haul was Gail Honeyman’s Eleanor Oliphant, which I’ve really enjoyed reading. I’d say for anyone who’s ever been gut wrenchingly lonely, at perpetual war with their parents’ and their persistent voices, or just someone who likes reading about people going into battle against their past – well, this is a book for you.


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