Why women can’t live without chocolate cake

See the thing is this. Cake (or your eagle eyes have noticed no doubt, in this case, biscuits from the ever wonderful Whole Foods) helps in all kinds of situations.

You meet someone you don’t really want to talk to (and truth be told don’t really like), eat cake.

Bored, angry, sad, happy, ecstatic? Cake.

That PMS bubbling-under-the-surface rage beginning to surface (and it’s not even that time of the month, so why are you feeling mental?!)? You guessed it, cake again.

Friendships are formed over cake. Tears are drowned in it. Broken hearts melted into it. Many boring parties find meaning in cake. As do interminable office meetings, week-long wedding ceremonies (what are week-long wedding ceremonies, you ask – have you been to an Indian wedding?), “networking” events when you are wishing you had followed your first impulse of staying home and watching Outlander. You name it, and there’s a cake just made for the situation you find yourself in.

Simples. (A word invented by meerkats.)



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