Thirteenth Night wins the Exeter Novel Prize!

So this was very, very cool. Hearing from and seeing the fellow finalists (even though on zoom) was brilliant. Lots of great novels to come from them. I was so excited about the short list I already spent a couple of days in Exeter before the prize ceremony, took a train to nearby Dawlish and did the coastal walk from Dawlish Warren, a quick charity shop crawl (which is the main point of going anywhere, obvs), and of course a stop at Brody’s for breakfast (they actually had fried bread in their buffet!) Winning the prize was amazing. I love this novel. It’s Knives Out but with an edgy, slightly neurotic, high anxiety podcaster from London who gets caught up in a MYSTERY when a respected actor gets murdered in Yorkshire. More about this soon….

photo: Stewart Williams @photostew

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