Unladylike Lessons in Love

The first of my Marleigh sisters Regency romance series comes out with Avon and HarperCollins in Sp/Su2023.

I can’t wait for this series to hit the bookshelves. In the first book, Lila, the oldest daughter of an earl and his Indian mistress, sets out to help an old friend who comes begging for her help. In helping Maisie, Lila must navigate the rat pits and pleasure gardens of Regency London, but most of all she’ll have to pit her wits against the gorgeous but infuriating Ivor Tristram to protect the sanctity of her heart.

Over the course of a six book series not only will the six sisters navigate what it’s like to be a mixed race woman in 19th c England but also uncover their late-parents’ secrets.

Check out the announcement here: https://www.thebookseller.com/rights/harperfiction-pre-empts-three-witty-and-romantic-regency-novels-from-murray

I’m definitely getting ‘eye popping raciness’ printed on a t shirt!


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