Unladylike Lessons in Love comes out in May ’23!

Just check out this glorious Avon/HarperCollins USA cover for Unladylike Lessons in Love. It took a few goes to get there, but then this beautiful thing emerged and it captures Lila Marleigh perfectly.

Lila is an independent young woman. She doesn’t play by Regency society’s rules, but then as her friend Kenneth always says why be only a tiny little bit outrageous when you can go all out? As the daughter of an English earl and his Indian mistress, Lila will never be fully accepted by the ton. She will always remain an outsider. She knows this and uses it to her advantage.

One night, when Lila is busy managing her bustling salon, a friend from the past – Maisie Quinn – comes begging for her help.

Ivor Tristram is the one man who can help – except he’s infuriating and – tiny problem – he is certain that Lila is his father’s mistress. Sparks fly. And, well, you can imagine what happens then.

There is a lot inherited from the wonderful Georgette Heyer – witty banter, high passion, all the ton’s secrets and rules of etiquette, not to mention a curricle race or two. But there is the added element of a very diverse cast of characters. And some sexy goings on. We also visit underground London cultures and the odd pleasure garden.

Must thank the fabulous Kerry Rubenstein for this cover. And Lucia Macro for helping us push to get to the right one.

And a bow to Julia Quinn, the queen of modern Regency, to light the way for new Regency writers and readers.


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