Amita is a writer, based in London. In 2017, championed by the lovely Samar Hammam, she is signing a two-novel deal with the wonderful editors at Harper Collins and German translation rights for the first novel FINDING ROSE with Random House Blanvalet (publishers of Game of Thrones. Just saying.)

Having lived in and around Delhi, London and California, Amita likes to write funny things about cultural encounters and relationships. She thinks of herself as a bit of a nomad, though a previous tutor also aptly suggested the label “cultural abyss.” (Use in a sentence: Amita, you’re a cultural abyss.)

In 2016, she was shocked when her short story collection won the SI Leeds Literary Prize at a magical award ceremony at the Ilkley Literature Festival. Actually, it was so magical, she’ll be talking about this prize for years, just wait and see. (And don’t say you weren’t warned.) The collection was partly written under a Leverhulme Writer-in-Residence grant at University College London in 2015, and stories appear in Wasafiri, SAND Berlin, the Berkeley Fiction Review and others.

The writing life brings heartache, loneliness, despair, peppered with the odd moment of utter bliss. It also sifts the grain from the chaff (I have no idea what that means, agriculturally speaking) in that you know who your true champions are vs, well, those that aren’t. So the writing life also brings gratitude for the former, and rage (masked with indifference) for the others.



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